The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy

The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy provides an education that prepares students to take advantage of the many opportunities in life. This is provided through a broad and balanced curriculum that is personalised to the individual needs of every student.

The E-ACT Burnham Park Academy is committed to delivering Best Practice, Best Progress and Best Performance – always. With Best Practice each student is challenged; with Best Progress student is engaged; with Best Performance each student will make progress.

Every student is supported to discover and develop their own potential. Everything the Academy does is focused on equipping students with the knowledge, technological capability, skills and character needed to face the modern world.

The Academy’s curriculum provides both “knowledge” and “skills”-based learning and students are encouraged to study a combination, with both routes resulting in accredited qualifications recognised by colleges and universities.

Burnham Park’s afterschool provision – Personal Best – is flourishing with pupils having the opportunity to experience new interests and develop new schools beyond their academic and timetabled sporting commitments. Personal Best activities now include, amongst others: book club, chess, science club, photography, drama, manga art, kickboxing and gardening.

The academy prides itself in having the highest standards of behaviour and commitment from everyone from day one: aspiring to challenge, engage and make progress – from every teacher, for every student in every subject each day.

“Teachers are very forthcoming in ensuring students are getting the help they need in order to succeed and are always open to parents communicating with them. The Personal Best programme is brilliant for allowing students additional learning time."

Mrs Gowing