DSLV – An E-ACT Academy

As one of the first “all-through” schools in the country, DSLV has an innovative curriculum that supports students every step of the way from age 3 – 19. Children join DSLV from across the Daventry area at either nursery or primary age and then progress through the academy, joining the senior school automatically in Year 7. This approach means that children avoid the often stressful transition from primary school to secondary school and that they have a sense of belonging to a whole school community from their very first day of school.

At primary age, the curriculum is characterised by breadth, balance, relevant, coherence, differentiation, progression and personalisation. This approach aims to stimulate a lifelong love of learning and enables children to make the most of opportunities offered further on in their time at the academy.

In the senior school, the curriculum is based on four pathways recognising that a one-size-fits-all approach can often mean that only the educational needs of the few are genuinely met. Some children are ready to fly and need to be challenged with stretching work straight away, whilst others, may need an approach with less subjects and a concentrated focus on improving their English and Maths so that they can do better later on at GCSE.

Supplementing this approach, the highest emphasis is placed on pastoral care. DSLV is a highly inclusive academy, working closely with each family to make sure young people are safe and happy. In the primary phase this role is delivered by the class teacher, and once progress to senior school, students are placed in a vertical tutor group alongside young people from all other year groups.

Every Thursday, students take part in an enrichment activity that is designed to wider their intellectual experience, improve independent learning skills and, critically, to spark their interest and “light a fire”. Each activity focuses on developing wider skills and capabilities, such as problem solving, team work and creative thinking. At primary level activities include computing, choir, orchestra, movie club and gardening. For senior and sixth form students, activities include Japanese, journalism, art history, archaeology and the Duke of Edinburgh awards.

"My daughter is thriving at DSLV Academy. Her enthusiasm for subjects and the extra effort she makes with her homework are proof of the positive teaching approach at DSLV. I am really pleased with the progress that she is making."