E-ACT Pathways Academy

E-ACT Pathways Academy is focused on supporting every child to be the best that they can be and to achieve the highest level possible, whilst also feeling safe and nurtured. Learning is at the heart of all the academy does and is every child’s pathway to excellence.

E-ACT Pathways Academy is a happy place for children to learn and to play with others. The academy has the highest expectations for all children, and is committed to educational excellence. Key to this is the academy’s partnership approach with parents and the community more broadly.

Pathways has an innovative curriculum, created around Ten Learning Principles to inspire and motivate every child. These develop a culture of learning through exploring how we learn to support both adults and children to become lifelong learners than can thrive in any setting.

The academy has also adopted the Singaporean approach to teaching maths, which emphasises problem solving and comprehension, allowing children to relate what they learn and to connect knowledge. The academy aims to develop problem solvers of the future who can use and apply their mathematical skills in real world contexts.

Pathways children also benefit from a range of afterschool clubs, including tag rugby, football, hockey, street dance, cheerleading and choir.

“My child has surpassed any expectations I had when she started in September. The change is unbelievable and it’s thanks to her having excellent, dedicated teachers who put everything into their teaching.”


E-ACT Pathways Academy