Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy

Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy aims to instil a love of learning in each pupil, and is working towards becoming the school of first choice for local families.

Ilminster Avenue is a co-educational primary school in Bristol that aims to develop each of its pupils to become independent, resilient and resourceful.  The academy believes in a highly personalised approach; finding a child’s talent and then providing the support needed to nurture it.

The academy has developed a highly engaging curriculum which aims to stoke children’s curiosity. ‘The Power of Reading’ approach is used by the academy and focuses on engaging children through powerful texts with compelling illustrations which immerse children in a rich context for learning. The academy has also worked with the National Centre for Excellence in the Teaching of Mathematics (NCETM) to support pupils in becoming more agile with their mental arithmetic and mathematics more generally.

Music plays a very important role at Ilminster Avenue, with four professional musicians working with the children on violin, cello and trumpet lessons. The academy recently won the silver “Sing Up” award for singing, and is currently focusing on securing the platinum award.

The academy works in a federated partnership with Greenfield E-ACT Primary Academy and St Ursula’s E-ACT Academy. All three academies are overseen by Executive Principal Stephen Luke.

“The teachers are lovely. They really bring the kids [sic] on. My daughters’ learning has really improved".

Mum of two girls

Year 4 and Reception classes