Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy

Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy is a truly inclusive academy. Whatever the needs of our pupils, the academy will endeavour to meet them.

Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy has a vision to provide outstanding and inspiring teaching and learning with consistently high expectations.  They focus on creating a happy, secure and industrious school in which children are equipped for life in the wider community and are offered a rich, exciting, creative, inclusive curriculum, which will enable each pupil to develop as a whole person. The Academy celebrates each individual as a unique personality with physical, intellectual, emotional, social, aesthetic and spiritual needs.


Reedswood E-ACT Primary Academy works in partnership with pupils and their families and the wider community to motivate and challenge all pupils to achieve and encourage excellence.

In a wide range of academic, cultural and sporting activities, students are encouraged to work as a team, taking pride in their collective responsibility.  The Academy seeks to develop a culture that promotes respect for self, others and the environment, and aims to create a climate of trust and honesty to prepare pupils for everyday life.

"The teaching of Phonics is highly effective, and this is helping to make better progress in their reading."

Ofsted Report

October 2014