E-ACT Blackley Academy

E-ACT Blackley Academy is ambitious in its aims to become an outstanding primary academy by 2016. The academy seeks to improve the aspirations, learning, achievement and personal development of its pupils during their time at the academy.

E-ACT Blackley Academy is focused on outstanding leadership and management, and a relentless pursuit for excellence.  The academy has a strong ethos that fosters unity, nationhood and citizenship based on respect for people from all backgrounds.

The academy’s curriculum offers pupils the ability to build on their experiences and personal development. Positioned as a hub of its local community the academy is a learning centre for the whole community, promoting cohesion.

E-ACT Blackley Academy recognises that the parents, carers and the local community will be vital for the academy to achieve their aims, including their drive to raise their Ofsted rating to ‘outstanding’ by 2016.

By the time children leave E-ACT Blackley Academy at the end of Year 6, the academy’s intention is that they will be:

  • Secure in their ability to relate to their peers and to adults
  • Able to apply their learning to different contexts, drawing on the knowledge and skills they have acquired across the whole curriculum
  • Confident in taking the initiative in their learning and in their engagement with others
  • Resilient, thoughtful and adaptable, on their way to becoming an inspired learner
  • Passionate about their learning and eager for future opportunities
  • Highly literate and numerate – and able to transfer these skills to different contexts with confidence
  • Able to articulate their views clearly, both speaking and in writing
  • Well-equipped to become leaders in their next Academy community
  • Able to use ICT (information and communication technology) with confidence in all areas of their learning.

Parents’ involvement in the school is rapidly becoming a strength of the school. Parents spoken to by inspectors value the efforts taken by leaders and staff to make parents an integral part of their child’s learning.

Ofsted Report

January 2014