Willenhall E-ACT Academy

Willenhall E-ACT Academy is a mixed academy catering for 11-18 year olds, seeking to achieve the highest standards of work and behaviour, installing students with the need for self-discipline. The ‘Willenhall Way’ is our code of conduct and is readily understood by all.

The Willenhall E-ACT Academy has a set of strong behavioural values known as the ‘Willenhall Way’. These are a clear set of expectations and boundaries for students to encourage them to conduct themselves in a way which will benefit their learning and future opportunities.

The Academy specialisms are sport and science and they are used to drive innovation and increase investment across the whole Academy. Willenhall E- ACT Academy works with local primary and secondary schools in the area to further promote PE and sport which are so vital for increasing students’ well-being, confidence and self-esteem.

In addition to sport, the academy has a second specialism of science. Students are offered a wide range of science courses at different levels and the academy focusing on developing new and existing links with universities and local industry to advance the opportunities afforded by this specialism.

The Willenhall E-ACT Academy has core aims and values, including:

  • Strive  to achieve high educational standards for all learners;
  • Involve Student Voice in all aspects of academy life;
  • Offer a rewarding, well ordered and enjoyable environment;
  • Provide opportunities for all members of the community to enhance their leadership skills;
  • Reflect a culturally inclusive ethos and an international dimension to learning, building on the partnership of the predecessor school in Tanzania and Zambia;
  • Fully involve parents, key stakeholders, partners and communities;
  • Provide a programme of high quality continuing professional development and training; for all staff to underpin and sustain improvements in teaching and learning;
  • Emphasise in learners the traditional values of self-discipline, responsibility, and respect others.