Willenhall E-ACT Academy

At its core, Willenhall E-ACT Academy is focused on delivering a high quality, balanced curriculum supported by up-to-date teaching practices to ensure that each student progresses to the next stage of their development. The academy works to produce well-rounded young people who will positively contribute to society when they leave school, and more broadly, aims to be the best performing academy in the area, setting the standard for both teaching and learning.

At Willenhall, aspirations are key to the academy’s everyday practice. Staff share a fundamental belief that students are entitled to do well at the academy and see it as their vocation to ensure each and every young person succeeds. Trusting relationships are combined with firm support and challenge, to ensure all students make at least expected progress.  All students are celebrated and every individual talent is nurtured so that each student achieves their full potential.

Period six is an initiative started in January 2015 that sees an extra lesson for all Year 11 and 13 students, allowing them to catch up on, or excel, in subject areas.  This will form a vital part of the preparations for ensuring that all students succeed. These sessions are voluntary for staff and students, but the high level of attendance from all parties is an example of the hardworking approach that is evident at Willenhall.

Willenhall also offers the Willenhall Passport, which sees students develop through a wide range of activities including, for example, an overseas trip, representing the academy in sport, taking part in a drama or music event and getting involved in community or charity-based events. They will add to this experience over the years to gain the passport before they reach the end of Year 11.

In addition, the academy runs “WOW” weeks: the Wonders of Willenhall, which sees students rewarded for positive conduct. students are awarded a WOW card. In return, they receive a small reward from staff in the academy.

The academy is also proud of its Willenhall Media Bus. Touring partner primary schools in the area, the bus contains a high tech radio recording facility that allows primary students to produce a radio advert detailing the experiences that could be had at Willenhall. To date, students have produced some brilliant results, illustrating how the academy develops relationships with its partner primaries.

Willenhall is a vibrant and active place to learn that seeks to build a trusting relationship between students and staff. It builds on mutual trust and a ‘can do’ ethos that is founded on the belief that every student is vitally important and every single student can succeed. Staff are determined that all of their students succeed and leave the Academy as confident, articulate young people, fully equipped to succeed in life in the 21st century.

“It is a great privilege to be the Principal of Willenhall E-ACT Academy and to be given the opportunity to work with such an outstanding group of students, staff and parents. Our vision is to see these students flourish and succeed”.

Tom Ashley

Principal, Willenhall E-ACT Academy