Ambassadorial Advisory Groups

The Academy Ambassadorial Advisory Groups’ remit has four key elements:

  • Celebration: to help to make sure that celebration of staff, pupils and parents remains a priority for each academy, and to find the best way to do this.
  • Communication: to work with staff, pupils and parents to make sure that the academy effectively communicates to all stakeholders, so that everyone feels part of academy life and has the opportunity to access information and events.
  • Concerns or complaints: to act as an independent local point of contact for staff, pupils and parents to express their concerns. Academy Ambassadors will signpost people to the right channels for dealing with their issues and will ensure that any concerns or complaints are fed back to the AAG. Where any trends emerge, the Academy Ambassadors work with the Principal and other ambassadors to help find solutions.
  • Community: making sure that the pupils maximise on local opportunities by finding ways to keep the academy at the heart of the community and acting as a key link between the two. To really help the academy to explore what it can do to make the school a hub of community services.

Members of the AAG have an open, formal invite to attend the Raising Achievement Boards for their academy, so that they have an active role in scrutinising the performance of the academy and to ensure transparency with the accountability structure.

The AAG chairs are invited to meet with the Chair of the Board of Trustees on an annual basis.

At least two AAG members are asked to sit on any disciplinary, admissions or exclusion panel hearing, ensuring that any hearing panel will have a majority of non E-ACT employees.

The Terms of Reference for the AAG can be found here.

The Volunteer Commitment for AAG members can be found here.