E-ACT Governance

Over the past year, E-ACT has made a number of fundamental changes to how the organisation operates to ensure that every young person receives the best possible education with us. We have moved to a new governance model – in line with the Department for Education’s guidance – which involves a single governing body (our Board of Trustees) and the introduction of Regional Teams, led by a Regional Education Director (RED) and Regional Operations Director (ROD).

In addition, the newly created Ambassadorial Advisory Groups at each E-ACT academy advise on and play a central role in: celebrating the academy’s achievements; communicating with staff, pupils and parents; concerns and complaints locally; and providing an interface with the community, ensuring that each academy becomes a hub of community services. The AAGs have a direct link to the Principal, the new Regional Education Directors in each region and the Board of Trustees.


You can find further information about the different aspects of our governance model via the following links:

Here you can see how we have ensured that we will continue to meet our statutory and regulatory requirements under our new governance model.