Raising Achievement Boards

E-ACT’s governance structure is based on the establishment of Regional Teams that are led by a Regional Education Director (RED) and Regional Operations Director (ROD). The Regional Directors will be supported by a series of expert System Leaders.

For the Regional Education team, this will include:

  • a Safeguarding and attendance System Leader;
  • a Special Educational Needs and Disabilities (SEND) and behaviour System Leader;
  • a data System leader; and
  • subject specialist System Leaders (depending on the needs of the region).

The RED leads on many of the former scrutiny and challenge functions formerly carried out by the LGB by holding the Principal to account on the performance of each academy within their region, acting under the delegated authority of the E-ACT Board of Trustees. In turn, the REDs are held to account by the National Director of Education for the academies within their region, and the National Director of Education and the CEO are directly accountable to the Board of Trustees.

Each academy has 6 weekly ‘Raising Achievement Board’ meetings to ensure that the academy is being supported and scrutinised in its educational performance. The educational Raising Achievement Boards are led by RED, with attendance from the relevant regional System Leaders and Academy Senior Leadership Team.

The Raising Achievement Board scrutinises:

  • Safeguarding
  • Achievement and progress
  • Attendance and behaviour
  • Quality of learning, teaching and leadership.

The Raising Achievement Board would also expect to be updated on matters relating to staffing, resources, health and safety, professional development and finances.