A Pupil's Perspective by Keisha Gardner 13 September 2017

Many people have asked me, “how do you know that university is right for you?”

I know that this question can’t really be answered properly until you start, but in my case, I knew from the moment I picked up a prospectus; a purple average sized book featuring a silver outline of one of the university’s main buildings on campus.

It was simple but classic and I knew I wanted to go. I was hooked! On reading the prospectus I found out that this university was also one of the UK’s best for sport so I was double hooked! I had to go there! But to do what?…

My name is Keisha. I’m 18 years old and a former Willenhall E-ACT Academy student. I’ll be attending Loughborough University to study commercial management and quantity surveying in September. But the way I’m feeling now is rather conflicted. The type of conflict that all first-time university students experience; having to decide whether to brave sharing a bathroom (save a grand), but deal with the shame when mom is round because of the mess. Or to go all out and have an en-suite but then have to live off penne and cheese for the rest of the year because you’ll have a £3 a week food budget!

Don’t get me wrong, I’m excited but the thought of it does make me feel queasy considering I have less than four weeks until I go and I haven’t even bought a cactus for my room yet…

In my friendship group, we have a mixture of staying home to study, moving away and not going to university at all. So, we are all going through new stages in our life and are at a point where we are starting to feel good about how things are going. For example, the stress of sixth form is over; we can finally say ”let’s just go to the pub” (and not have to worry about that one friend who turns 18 in late August), and we all have little jobs earning some cash for ourselves, for you know, to stash in savings accounts that we’ve told our parents we have… But it’s all going to change now!

However, I can’t wait to get back into learning, into a new environment and to start to build the foundations of my career.

Bring on university life!