A News story by Ellena Schuster-Farrell 6 October 2017

Our first ever E-ACT NQT conference took place in Birmingham this September. Delegates from across the E-ACT family descended on Heartlands Academy for a day of inspiration, challenge and networking.  

The theme for the inaugural conference was the trust’s core values of thinking big, doing the right thing and showing team spirit. Each key note speaker focused on one of the values, using this theme to explain their role, their personal journey and their vision for their areas of responsibility.  

The conference was the launch event for the NQT programme, which runs throughout the year in both primary and secondary academies and focuses on the skills and attributes needed to be a truly excellent teacher.  

The conference had four overarching aims: 

  • To gain an understanding of what it means to be part of E-ACT 
  • To get access to support and resources 
  • To understand key roles within the organisation 
  • To meet other new teachers 

Keynote addresses were given by David Moran (CEO), Jane Millward (National Education Director) and Michael Wemms (Chair of Trustees). Each speaker gave their own insights and issued their own challenges, inspiring the new teachers to make a difference for our E-ACT children.  

There was a heavy emphasis on practitioner input and Leesa Mellon, from E-ACT Blackley Academy, devised a series of truly memorable workshops exploring teamwork, learning from constructive feedback and the development of a growth mindset. Leesa gave a hugely honest, confident and accomplished presentation, especially considering she is only in her fourth year of teaching.  

I was delighted with the high turnout, the positivity of delegates and the commitment of everyone involved to ‘keep the conversation going.’ 


Click below for the Chair of Trustees’ speech

Michael Wemms’ speech