A Thought Piece by Ashley Milum 10 November 2017

Back when I was a trainee teacher, someone, I’ve entirely forgotten who, made an incredibly helpful suggestion to me. They implored me to get on Twitter.

I laughed it off, thinking Twitter was a place where social recluses direct snarky comments at various celebrities. While I have found that to be entirely true, Twitter can also be a genuinely useful tool.

MATs are formed to share best practise. Similarly, Twitter can be a great place to access advice if you follow the in crowd of Twitter teachers. These so called ‘tweachers’ have formed a community that enables us to share our most effective ideas, influence other teachers and, as a result, positively impact young people’s progress. The world we live in today!

Who to follow:

@AsstHead_Jones @JarlathOBrien @HYWEL_ROBERTS @tombennett71 @RobertsNiomi

For those with an interest in academy leadership (think big!), there is a plethora of informal and honest advice available from some of our country’s most notable school leaders. Expect, for example, candid conversations between CEOs and Key Stage leaders, where they discuss different leadership approaches and how to empower colleagues to give young people the best provision possible.

Who to follow:

@johntomsett @HelenaMarsh81 @chrisdyson @Andy_Buck @LiamHCollins

For the incredibly generous people who volunteer their free time to govern and represent academies, the best way to keep abreast of the most recent developments is to surround yourself with like-minded people with a passion for making a difference

Who to follow:

@Carter6D @HarfordSean @mj_brombley @HeadsRoundtable @MikeHaines20

In a recent E-ACT article, David Camps quotes statistics on adult friendships, sourced from Twitter. This research clearly impacted David and provoked him to thinkand write about a new issue. This demonstrates how Twitter can be more than an online moan-athon and instead can offer a platform to share ideas and research. Twitter can massively shape our practise and help us to be mindful of things we would otherwise be unaware of, guiding us to do the right thing.

It’s also worth noting that our very own CEO, Deputy CEO and E-ACT regional teams are now all on Twitter, showcasing some of E-ACT’s most inspirational performances.

Who to follow:

@EACTChiefExec @EACTDirOfEdu @EACTMidlands @EACTLondonBucks @EACTSouthWest

Every teacher I’ve met is passionate about providing children with the skills and adaptability to succeed beyond school. It’s therefore imperative we remain with or in front of the curve of pedagogy and research.

For academies to embrace a culture of Continued Professional Development, Twitter is an effective way for busy teachers and support staff to develop so that they can continue to inspire the young people they work with.

Anyway *removes soapbox*, better crack on with that planning…

Ashley Milum
Year 6 Teacher
St Ursula’s E-ACT Academy