A News story by Humayon Pramanik 29 June 2017

We would like to shine a light on Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy and Greenfield E-ACT Academy both of which are located in the Knowle area of Bristol.

At the tail end of last year the Department for Education published key stage 2 results which for the first time included progress scores. In-spite of much being said at the time about the new tougher primary school curriculum in reading, writing and mathematics, the pupils of Ilminster and Greenfield have excelled.

Ilminster E-ACT Academy placed in the top 4% of schools for attainment in the country, with 84% of pupils achieving the expected standard in (all of) reading, writing and mathematics. For progress Ilminster is in the top 40 schools (out of 21,225) in the country in all three subjects, achieving the highest progress score in Bristol for reading and mathematics, and the third highest progress score for writing. In all three measures Ilminster places in the top 0.2% of academies in the country!

It was a similar story at Greenfield E-ACT Academy who placed in the top 8% of schools for attainment in the country. 79% of pupils achieved the expected standard in (all of) reading, writing and mathematics compared to the national average of 53% and the sponsored academy average of 44%. For progress Greenfield falls in the top 3% in the country, and has achieved the highest scores in Bristol for writing and the sixth highest in the country.

What makes the achievement of Ilminster and Greenfield all the more remarkable is that the majority of pupils at both academies are eligible for free school meals with more than 80% eligible at Ilminster and 72% at Greenfield.

These magnificent results are testament to the hard work of our pupils and staff, and the fantastic cooperation between the academies and their parents.

Well done all!