A News story by Ellena Schuster-Farrell 2 March 2018

As part of our trust-wide CPD programme, our newly qualified teachers (NQTs) attend a series of structured induction sessions, receiving ongoing support throughout their first year of teaching.

Our secondary NQTs are now halfway through the programme, with the fourth of six sessions taking place at Shenley Academy this Monday 5 March 2018.  Delegates will take part in activities around challenging and engaging their students, as well as picking up some top tips for lesson starters and plenaries.

It’s all about teaching and learning…

The induction programme provides NQTs with the tools they need to develop their skills in teaching and learning. Attendees are also given the opportunity to meet with their colleagues from across the trust, building support networks for this important transition period from trainee to teacher.

Assistant Headteacher at Shenley, Melissa Bennett, has organised the sessions and believes they are integral to developing our NQTs.

“It’s all about teaching and learning – the best part of the job! Our sessions are centred around helping teachers strengthen their skills to become even better.”

Useful sessions

Induction sessions so far have focused on everything from managing behaviour to effective assessment, explored through activities that encourage NQTs to immerse themselves in the latest research and engage in discussion. Each session also gives attendees the chance to observe outstanding practice through watching and analysing video clips of experienced E-ACT teachers.

NQTs have found this content useful, with all those surveyed stating that they will be applying the information they learned at the last induction session in their classrooms. All of our respondents also noted that they now feel more confident in questioning and assessing their students after attending the last induction session.

“Another great session, CPD that is genuinely worth it.”NQT induction session attendee

Attendees have also come away from the sessions with techniques to implement immediately: a number of our respondents mentioned that they planned to use what they had learned, for example breaking down questions and probing and challenging students, as soon as they returned to the classroom.

Melissa has been incredibly impressed by the level of engagement shown by our NQTs, and is looking forward to delivering the remaining induction sessions.

“It never ceases to amaze me how dedicated and passionate our newly qualified teachers are, and E-ACT secondary NQTs have shown this in abundance. They have been articulate and forward thinking, always thinking about the students’ experience in their classrooms first.”