A News story by Ellena Schuster-Farrell 5 July 2018

What do Andy Warhol, Salvador Dali, Pablo Picasso and Hareclive E-ACT Academy’s Room 13 pupils have in common? Well, apart from the fact that they are all amazing artists, they have each had their work displayed at the Tate Modern!

Room 13 Hareclive is a pupil-run art studio based in the academy’s playground, right beside the main academy building. Part of an international Room 13 network, Hareclive’s studio is the oldest and most established in the UK. Two artists in residence work with children from the academy, helping them to manage and run the studio themselves and giving them the freedom to explore a variety of mediums and artistic techniques. Pupils can use the studio at lunch, break time, or even the end of lesson time if all of their work is complete.

Room 13 Hareclive has collaborated with a number of local galleries, as well as the University of Bristol, since being established fifteen years ago. And last year, the Room 13 team were delighted to be made affiliates of the Tate Modern.

The team were invited to travel all the way from Hartcliffe in Bristol to the Tate in London to deliver their very own workshop on creativity. Accompanied by their teachers and staff from Room 13, the pupils taught members of the public to unleash their inner-artist, posing interesting questions about the creative process and encouraging other children and adults to get stuck in with a number of clay installations. Visitors could also view a selection of beautiful artwork from Room 13.

In the run up to the event, our talented artists and their teachers were interviewed on BBC Radio Bristol, and you can listen to the interview here. Fast forward to 1:08:45 to hear more about the project from pupils, Headteacher Kate Richardson and Room 13’s Shani Ali.

Watch the Room 13 pupils in action at the Tate, as they explain the importance of the creative process in this video from BBC Bristol.