A News story by Ellena Schuster-Farrell 18 July 2018

From being placed in special measures in December 2014 to requiring improvement in March 2016, Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy has now completed a quite remarkable transformation.

In just three and a half years, the academy has progressed from Ofsted’s lowest ranking to its highest, and becomes the first E-ACT academy to receive the outstanding rating whilst part of the trust. Over two thirds of our academies are now rated at least good by Ofsted.

In its latest Ofsted report, Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy has been rated outstanding in every category; a rare accolade under the current inspection framework. The bar for an outstanding rating is set particularly high, but in the case of Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy, it comes after years of hard work and determination from an exceptional team at the academy.

“I am delighted that Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy has today joined a group of outstanding schools and academies across the country that are recognised as providing young people with the very best education.”David Moran, Chief Executive of E-ACT

This spectacular achievement is all the more impressive given the academy’s diverse population; around half of its pupils can be classed as ‘disadvantaged’ and 79% speak English as a second language.

We take this opportunity to congratulate academy and regional staff, pupils and parents – it is thanks to their dedication that pupils leave the academy fully prepared for the rigours of secondary education and life beyond.

Academy facts

  • With 493 pupils, Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy is larger than the average-sized school.
  • Around 50% of pupils can be categorised as ‘disadvantaged’ – this is above the national average.
  • 79% of pupils speak English as an additional language.

See the report highlights here:

Mansfield Green E-ACT Academy