A News story by Ellena Schuster-Farrell 11 May 2018

Back in January we invited every member of E-ACT staff to complete our annual trust-wide survey. We’re delighted to report that this year our survey received a record number of responses, giving us invaluable information that is helping us to improve the E-ACT employee experience.

An improved response rate

Now in its second year, our trust-wide survey aims to gain a better understanding of the needs of our staff. And this year, 52% of staff shared their views with us, a significant improvement on last year’s response rate of 39%.
We’re also pleased to note that almost half of all academy-based staff responded to the survey, giving us a clearer picture of our colleagues’ experiences in academies across the trust. Overall, the number of staff responding to the survey increased in all but three of our academies and teams.

Awareness of our trust-wide initiatives

There are some wonderful initiatives taking place across the trust, and we were glad to have the opportunity to find out just how many of our staff are aware of the opportunities on offer.

When it came to mental health, for example, 70% of E-ACT staff that responded to our survey were aware of the support available to them.

Meanwhile 73% of staff had heard of our trust-wide training programme, with 69% of respondents taking part in some form of training or CPD in the last 12 months. However, our survey also highlighted that just 30% of staff were aware of E-ACT’s apprenticeship programme. If you haven’t done so already, please do make sure that you check out the apprenticeships and courses available to you.

Getting to know our values

We’re happy to report that more of our staff are thinking big, doing the right thing and showing team spirit, as the number of E-ACT staff that can name the trust’s three values has increased from 17% to 54%.

A year since the values were introduced, we’re also pleased that 61% of staff can now name at least one value – a 37% improvement on last year.

Thoughts on E-ACT

Looking at the trust as a whole, the number of staff members responding positively remained about the same, with some questions even receiving more positive feedback than last year.

According to the survey, 72% of respondents understand how their work contributes to the aims of E-ACT as a whole, compared with 60% last year. The percentage of respondents that agree that the behaviour of senior managers embodies the E-ACT values is also up 8% from last year’s results.

We are also pleased to note that the percentage of respondents that would recommend the trust as a place to work has risen by 8% since last year.

Your suggestions and what happens next

27% of respondents took the opportunity to offer further comments, giving their thoughts on topics from staff wellbeing to professional development and the relationship between academies and the trust.

Reports on the results of individual academies have now been sent on to headteachers, our executive leadership team and the relevant regional educational director and regional operational director. This will enable our headteachers to work with senior leadership to address any areas for improvement in their academies.

Reports on the results of each regional team have been sent on to relevant regional education directors and regional operational directors, as well as our executive leadership team. A report on the national team’s results has also be passed on to the executive leadership team.

Our executive leadership team will be reporting back to trustees on how we are making use of these results as a trust.

We were happy to hear from so many of you in response to this year’s survey, as this feedback has given us useful information and data that will help us to improve as an employer.

If you have any further comments, concerns or suggestions, please don’t wait until next year’s survey – contact HR.Team@E-ACT.org.uk with your thoughts.