A Thought Piece by Asmaira Hamid 20 November 2018

I first became involved in Denham Green E-ACT Academy’s Ambassadorial Advisory Group (AAG) in September 2016. My daughter was in reception at the time, and I’d heard that the AAG was recruiting; wary of time commitments, I eventually joined up having been convinced by other parents at the academy. 

Pretty soon I started getting more and more involved in our AAG by going to Raising Achievement Boards and by getting involved in exclusions. Most importantly, I felt that I was able to help the academy to communicate with parents by bringing a voice to the table that the parental body could easily relate to. 

In 2017, I became chair of the AAG at Denham Green, and having attended E-ACT’s first-ever AAG conference in London, I returned to the academy full of ideas. In the last year, I feel that we have achieved a hell of a lot! Working closely with headteacher Sarah Flannigan, we have successfully introduced a number of extracurricular clubs in drumming, piano, ukele, dance, gymnastics, tennis, French and Spanish. In light of parental demand, we have also introduced an after-academy provision called Twilight Owls, enabling parents to leave their children at the academy until 5.45pm.  

Ours is a tight-knit community, one in which parents engage with one another regularly. As AAG chair, I know just how important parental engagement is as our parents are in effect our ambassadors, our reputation makers even. It is why we continue to do everything we can to ensure that our parental body is engaged and aware of all the exciting things happening at our academy.