A News story by Humayon Pramanik 10 July 2019

Several E-ACT primary academies have this year made strong progress in the key stage 2 combined measure of reading, writing and mathematics. 

Seven of our primary academies have surpassed the national average, which this year is 65%:

  • Perry Court E-ACT Academy, Bristol (96%)
  • Badock’s Wood E-ACT Academy, Bristol (82%)
  • Chalfont Valley E-ACT Academy, Buckinghamshire (77%)
  • St Ursula’s E-ACT Academy, Bristol (73%)
  • Merritts Brook E-ACT Academy, Midlands (72%)
  • Denham Green E-ACT Academy, Buckinghamshire (71%)
  • Ilminster Avenue E-ACT Academy, Bristol (68%)

Six of our primary academies have this year experienced increases in the number of pupils achieving the expected standard in reading, writing and mathematics:

  • Perry Court E-ACT Academy, Bristol (69% to 96%)
  • Merritts Brook E-ACT Academy, Midlands (53% to 72%)
  • Chalfont Valley E-ACT Academy, Buckinghamshire (59% to 77%)
  • Braintcroft E-ACT Academy, London (39% to 58%)
  • Badock’s Wood E-ACT Academy, Bristol (75% to 82%)
  • E-ACT Pathways Academy, Sheffield (32% to 39%)

Special mentions… 

Having only joined the trust in September 2017, Perry Court E-ACT academy’s combined measure leapt up from just 16% in 2017 to 69% in 2018. Yet more to celebrate this year as the academy’s combined measure has increased further to 96% in 2019. All in the same year that the academy was also shortlisted for The Times Educational Supplement’s prestigious primary school of the year award.

Having been placed in special measures in November 2016, the trust was asked to provide educational support to Badock’s Wood Community Primary School in Bristol in 2017. Having achieved a combined measure of 52% in 2017, the school surpassed the national average in 2018 with support from the trust. Having then officially joined the trust in September 2018, Badock’s Wood pupils have gone one step further this year achieving a combined measure of 82%.

It’s thanks to our staff

We take this opportunity to congratulate our talented primary staff. It is thanks to their dedication that our pupils will be able to make a smooth transition from primary to secondary education with the fundamentals in reading, writing and mathematics firmly in place.