A Thought Piece by Jane Millward 17 January 2019

In January 2018, we were thrilled to launch the E-ACT Passport across all of our academies. The passport works by giving every one of our 18,000 pupils the opportunity to take part in enriching activities in line with our values of thinking big, doing the right thing and showing team spirit.  

Raising confidence levels 

Over the course of the year, pupils have been busy completing the challenges set in the passport: from walking or running two thirds of a marathon to learning a new language or marketing and advertising their own products.  

The challenges set out in the E-ACT Passport are designed to open the door to opportunities that pupils may not even know exist. In getting pupils to try something new, the passport aims to raise aspirations and confidence levels. For Rebecca, a Year 6 pupil at Blackley E-ACT Academy, the passport has done just that.  

‘We’ve had the chance to do lots of things I’ve never done before, like going to a university and learning how to programme a computer game. We completed the challenge of doing a whole academy assembly, and I felt even more confident after speaking in front of everybody.’ 

An exciting partnership with UKSA 

In 2017, pupils at a number of our primary academies had the opportunity to take part in an exciting outdoor learning experience with the UK Sailing Association. After this successful pilot, every single one of our Year 5 pupils will take part in a residential water sports programme on the Isle of Wight without charge to their families. 

Inspiring stories at our National Pupil Celebration Event 

At our 2018 National Pupil Celebration Event, we shone a light on the pupils that had achieved something fantastic through the E-ACT Passport.  

Year 5 pupils at Greenfield E-ACT Academy were awarded for thinking big for their local community by working with the Spring of Hope charity to collect donations for the homeless in Knowle.  

Meanwhile, Year 13 students at Willenhall E-ACT Academy received an award for doing the right thing. The students were founding members of Willenhall’s Beacon Ambassador Project, working closely with the Walsall Substance Misuse team in their academy.  

Through passport challenges, our pupils are learning to believe in themselves and understand that there is nothing holding them back, including where they happen to live or their family’s experience in education.

Jane Millward is E-ACT’s Deputy Chief Executive Officer. You can learn more about her here