A News story by Ellena Schuster-Farrell 15 August 2019

There have been scenes of joy and celebration across the trust today as E-ACT sixth formers up and down the country received their key stage 5 results.

We are delighted to report that this year’s key stage 5 results are our best-ever, with strong improvement in the average point score for A levels, applied general qualifications and tech levels. This year, almost all E-ACT students (that’s 95%) have been awarded a pass or higher in one or more qualification.

A-levels and the Extended Project Qualification

86% of A level grades awarded to E-ACT students in 2019 are A*-E, and the average point score for A levels across the trust has increased this year from 20.58 to 21.73 (D+).

E-ACT students are also increasingly opting to take the Extended Project Qualification, a largely self-directed and self-motivated project not unlike a university dissertation. It is great news that 59% of the students who took an EPQ this year have been awarded an A*-C grade, a 4% increase on last year. We’re also pleased to report that 14% of students were awarded an A*-A grade.

Fantastic results for those receiving their vocational qualifications

More E-ACT students have achieved higher marks within their vocational qualifications than ever before with the percentage of students achieving a Distinction or Distinction* increasing from 25% to 32% this year.

We can also report increases in the average point scores for both the applied general qualification and tech levels across the trust: the average point score for applied general has risen from 24 in 2018 to 24.68 this year, while the trust’s average point score for tech levels has increased from 24 to 31.24 (Distinction-).

This year we have seen more students opting for a variety of qualifications at key stage 5 which are better suited to their individual strengths. Thanks to support from academy staff and excellent careers advice and guidance across the trust, our students are making informed decisions about both the qualifications they choose and their next steps after sixth form.

Special mentions for E-ACT academies

While results across the trust have given us plenty of reason to cheer this morning, we take this opportunity to highlight successes at a number of individual E-ACT academies.

West Walsall E-ACT Academy

An amazing 16.32 increase in average point score at A level from last year. This achievement is all the more impressive given the diverse community that the academy serves – over half of West Walsall E-ACT Academy students are eligible for pupil premium.

The Crest Academy

The average point score for A levels at The Crest has increased by 6.6 points this year, going from 14.45 to 21.05. The Crest has also seen a significant improvement in the average point score for applied general, increasing from 23.96 to 30 (Distinction-).

Heartlands Academy

Heartlands has seen an increase in the average point score at A level this year, going from 22.9 to 23.57. The average point score for tech levels has also increased from 17 to 25 (Merit). This is a fantastic achievement given Heartlands’ diverse student body – 67% of students are eligible for pupil premium.

Fantastic achievements

We’ve had a busy day catching up with ecstatic (and relieved!) sixth form students after they had opened their key stage 5 results. Find out how some of our talented students performed and where they’re off to…

Emmanuela Obaro, North Birmingham Academy
Chemistry (A), Mathematics (A), Biology (B), Italian (A*)

I’m thrilled that I’m off to my first-choice university. I’ll be studying medicine at the University of Birmingham.

My results have a lot to do with my amazing chemistry teacher, Miss Keloglou. I moved to England from Italy in 2016 and Miss Keloglou supported me so much. She was the reason that I always managed to push forward, even when I struggled.

Khalidah Hameed, The Crest Academy
Extended Diploma in Biomedical Science – D*D*D

I want to be a doctor one day. I’ve got in to Brunel University to study biomedical science, and I hope that I can get really good grades during my degree and eventually move over to medicine.

Not doing as well as I’d hoped at GCSE motivated me. I wasn’t happy with my GCSE results and didn’t get the grades that I had hoped for. As a result, I couldn’t do the subjects that I had hoped to do. So with biomedical science, I promised myself that I would try really hard and do the best I could, because I knew that this was my chance to get to university.

Peace Erhabor, West Walsall E-ACT Academy
Italian (A), Psychology (A), Maths (C), Biology (C), Extended Project Qualification (C)

I’m off to Durham University to study psychology. I chose to study there because there is lots of flexibility with the course – you’ve got lots of choice with the modules that you take, so I’ll be able to focus on the things that I’m interested in. I’m really looking forward to going and studying something I care about.

I’m so excited about being independent. I’m looking forward to having to manage everything for myself: eating, sleeping, looking after myself… and with no help from my parents!

Soren Austin, North Birmingham Academy
BTEC IT (Distinction*), Chemistry (B), Mathematics (A), Physics (B)

I’m feeling happy and relieved. When I first opened my results, I was a little worried as my grades were slightly lower than I needed. Luckily, I still managed to get in to the University of Birmingham to study physics, which was my first choice.

Our guidance counsellor Nikki was such an amazing support. She was always reassuring us and letting us know that even if we didn’t get the grades we wanted, there were back up plans and other paths that we could take. That really stopped me from stressing too much, which definitely helped me get the best grades that I could.

Amy Farmer, West Walsall E-ACT Academy
English Literature (A*), Chemistry (A), Biology (A)

When I saw my English grade I was over the moon. I was so surprised by all of my grades, I genuinely didn’t think that I would do as well as I did! But with my English grade in particular I was so pleased, because that’s what I’m going on to study at the University of York.

I had my whole family in the room when I was checking my UCAS this morning. Well, virtually! I had my mum with me and then my sister on FaceTime and my dad on the phone. Everyone was so pleased when they found out that my offer had been confirmed and I’d got the grades that I needed.

Well done all!

Many E-ACT students today leave their academies for the last time as they depart for exciting university and apprenticeship opportunities. We wish them all the very best, and we look forward to catching up with them over the years as they progress in their careers.