A News story by Jane Millward 20 August 2020

With the news and social media packed with debate about this year’s GCSE results, simply want to take this opportunity to let you know just how much of an inspiration you are to the whole of E-ACT. 

During this most extraordinary of years, and despite not being able to sit the exams you had worked so hard for through no fault of your owntoday you have the opportunity to take the next big step in what we know is the start of an amazing young career. 

You have had to experience big challenges this year, but you have emerged even stronger than before. You have shown us that no matter how big the challenges we face, with enough determination and hard work, anything really is possible. 

We also know that many things have happened in the last week that will have only added to the uncertainty you might have already been feeling. We can’t imagine how difficult this must have been for you, but we hope that you can be proud of the results you have received today. 

Please also remember that whatever it is that you choose to do, whether that’s in further or higher education, apprenticeships or the world of work, we will do everything we can to support you. This especially applies to our BTEC level 1 and 2 students who have had their results delayed. 

We have seen you develop and grow in our academies into the confident, creative, dynamic individuals you are, and we are so proud of everything you have achieved. We feel incredibly lucky to have had you as part of the E-ACT family. 

Please remember that your academy will always be here for you and your family, so keep in touch. We look forward to hearing about your many successes in years to come.