A E-ACT Insight by 5 October 2021

Ahead of the E-ACT Ideas mental health in schools conference in partnership with Tes, we are delighted to share some free mental health resources from Tes and EduCare. Tes is one of the largest and most active communities of school teachers and leaders in the world.

At the upcoming E-ACT Ideas Conference, will hear from the most important names in government, academia and elsewhere sharing their incredible insights and experiences.

Download some of the free mental health resources by Tes below.

What is Mental Health

What is self-harm

Healthy Lifestyles

Supporting children and young people with anxiety

Supporting children and young people with loneliness

Understanding Low Mood and Depression

Understanding self-harm

What are the signs and symptoms of poor mental health

What is digital resilience

Supporting children and young people with bereavement

10 Essential Wellbeing Questions You Need to Ask Yourself

10 ways to create a culture of positive staff wellbeing