A News story by Radhika Sharma 19 January 2022

E-ACT Badock’s Wood Academy has partnered with the Virunga Masif Community School in Kisoro, Uganda so that both institutions and the pupils that attend them can support and learn from each other, including exploring different ways of life and culture.   

The Virunga Masif Community School was first opened in February 2020 to give the children from the Rukeri Batwa tribe in Kisoro a chance to access education and regular meals. This was just before the COVID-19 pandemic struck. Unfortunately, it was only open for six weeks and was then forced to close due to lockdown. The community is comprised of 203 people in 45 families.  

The indigenous Batwa tribes were evicted from their forest by the government in Uganda in 1995 in order to build national parks for animal conservation and so that tourists could visit the golden monkeys and gorillas living there. However, the Batwa tribes had been living self-sufficiently in the forest for centuries, so having their homeland and means of survival taken away from them was a devastating loss. The Virunga Masif Community School was finally able to open on 10 January 2022, having been closed for 22 months. The pupils could not have been more excited.  

E-ACT Badock’s Wood Academy is delighted to be partnering with the Virunga Masif Community School. Activities within the partnership include drawing and letter exchanges between pupils of both schools to help with learning about each other’s culture, as well as joint assemblies via video. As the partnership develops, we will be exploring a range of topics including using recycled materials to make resources, conservation, climate change, water and deforestation. We are truly excited to see how this alliance develops and very much look forward to hearing more good news stories.