A News story by Radhika Sharma 8 March 2022

Staff across E-ACT are proud to showcase their support once again for International Women’s Day.  

The theme for 2022 is #BreakTheBias – celebrating women’s achievements and raising awareness against bias. Our employees have adopted the #BreakTheBias pose to show their solidarity for calling out inequality. 

We spoke to some of our senior female leaders across the trust and below is what they had to say about breaking the bias this International Women’s Day. 

Gemma Cottingham – headteacher at E-ACT Parkwood Academy 

“We continually strive to create opportunities for women and encourage them to challenge themselves and their thinking. We lead as role models to break down bias and defy stereotypes. We embrace and value the diversity, difference and strength of women.” 

Lakmini Harkus – headteacher at E-ACT Greenfield Academy 

“For us, raising awareness against bias starts with education. We model seeking input from a variety of viewpoints, we teach our children to be aware of how they are feeling and to communicate this in a sensitive way and we live our values, which include respect and consideration for others.” 

Stephanie Moore – headteacher at E-ACT Perry Court Academy 

“It is time to see gender as a spectrum rather than two sets of opposing ideals.” 

Rachael Hallam – headteacher at E-ACT The Oldham Academy North 

“I am proud to be a female role model for my staff and students. I believe in the impact that women have when they are in a leadership role and am proud to lead a team where 60% of the leadership is female.” 

Jennifer Clegg – headteacher at E-ACT Heartlands Academy 

“We celebrate women’s achievements by challenging gender stereotypes, exploring the strengths of female role models during our International Women’s Day assemblies, Personal Development and Careers lessons. Throughout the academic year students appreciate learning about inspiring women and hearing from local successful female leaders.”