A News story by Radhika Sharma 25 April 2022

Nidhi who attended E-ACT North Birmingham Academy started her degree at the University of Cambridge in Biological Natural Sciences in September 2021. Having now spent two terms at Cambridge, we caught up with Nidhi to see how she’s getting on.  

Tell us about your experience of life in Cambridge so far 

Honestly I’ve really enjoyed my time at Cambridge so far. I thought I would find it quite difficult to integrate with people initially, but I’ve met so many lovely people. Everyone is really open and welcoming. I’ve also had a go at punting along the River Cam, which is a very “Cambridge” thing to do! 

How is your degree going and how have your first two terms been? 

I’m studying Biological Natural Sciences and it’s going well so far. At times it can be intense and difficult to keep up with things, but I’m still really enjoying it. I like the fact that all students on my course have weekly supervisions which I find helpful to consolidate what I have learned. 

What do you most like about your degree? 

I like the variety that comes with it, as I’m studying a broad range of topics and modules in biology, chemistry and maths. I’m particularly enjoying physiology – studying the mechanisms that occur in organisms. I also like learning and using a range of different techniques in the practical classes we have.   

What do you think is the best thing about being a Cambridge student? 

One of the best things is the weekly supervisions where you can actually discuss your work with your tutor in a one-to-one or as part of a small group. This support is so valuable. I also think it’s great that everyone is really invested in their subject.  

I love walking around Cambridge as it’s such a scenic city and as I live in the centre, it makes getting to my lectures so easy. 

Do you have any advice for E-ACT pupils aspiring to go to Cambridge? 

Be prepared to work hard, but if you enjoy your subject this shouldn’t be an issue. If you’re thinking about applying you should definitely go for it! 

What do you miss the most about E-ACT North Birmingham Academy? 

I do miss the community feeling at NBA and all of my teachers at school who were so helpful and encouraging. From Ms Long organising a Zoom video call for me to speak with current Cambridge students, to Ms Williams and Ms Brown ensuring that I was prepared for the admissions assessment, I’m so grateful that my teachers always pushed me.    


If you didn’t read our first interview with Nidhi whilst she was still an E-ACT North Birmingham Academy student, you can catch up on that here. 

We wish Nidhi the best of luck for her remaining few years at the University of Cambridge.