A News story by Radhika Sharma 21 June 2022

Welcome to the magnificent Birmingham Repertory Theatre for E-ACT’s sixth annual National Pupil Celebration Event. You’ve made it to this page which means that you successfully scanned our event QR code for access to insider information on this year’s performers and award winners!

Download the event programme here 

E-ACT’s Got Talent

Selected from hundreds of entries, our E-ACT’s Got Talent performers will be showcasing their best performances today, as well as being awarded a trophy and vouchers just in time for the summer break.

EA Supreme – Years 5 & 6, E-ACT Blackley Academy

Watch the uplifting cheerleading performance from students at E-ACT Blackley Academy as they showcase their talents.

Belle – Year 9, E-ACT DSLV Academy

Belle will be performing the song ‘On My Own’ from Les Miserables to transport the audience to the famous West End musical.

Evolve Dance Company – Years 11-13, E-ACT North Birmingham Academy

A fantastic performance from students at NBA as they perform a dance to the song ‘Prob;em’ from the musical ‘& Juliet’.

Maia – Year 7, E-ACT West Walsall Academy

Watch Maia as she performs a classic tune on the keyboard – Bagatelle’ by Ludwig van Beethoven.

Millie – Year 9, E-ACT Bourne End Academy

Millie will be showcasing her excellent vocal skills as she performs ‘I’d Rather Be Me’ from Mean Girls.

Belle – Year 3, E-ACT St Ursula’s Academy

For the first time ever, we have a performer at the event showcasing her sign language skills. Belle will be performing ‘Polly had a Dolly’ and ‘Twinkle Twinkle’.

Bethany and Jorja – Year 10, E-ACT Shenley Academy

Watch these amazing performers as they showcase their contemporary dance skills.

Imogen – Year 11, E-ACT Royton & Crompton Academy

To end the show, Imogen will be performing ‘Part of me was You’.

The Artists’ Award winners

The following students have their stunning artwork showcased around the Birmingham Rep Theatre today, as well as in your programme:

Farah Siddique – Year 6, E-ACT Braintcroft Academy

Lewis Gurney – Year 10, E-ACT DSLV Academy

Qirrat Sharif – Year 5, E-ACT Reedswood Academy

Hollie Hallam – Year 10, E-ACT Parkwood Academy

The Writers’ Award winners

Evie Taylor – Year 9, E-ACT Bourne End Academy

Kathirone Suresh – Year 5, E-ACT Chalfont Valley Academy

Layla Ann Wright – Year 6, E-ACT Greenfield Academy

Suhayb Mahmood – Year 11, E-ACT Willenhall Academy

E-ACT Staff Talent award winners

The following staff members will be showcasing their vocal skills and receiving awards for their talents:

Sean Pearce – E-ACT Denham Green Academy

Cintia Lemos – E-ACT Braintcroft Academy

E-ACT Staff Culture awards

Think Big

Rachel Keitch, E-ACT Bourne End Academy

For improving student engagement in the academy’s enrichment curriculum through the Bourne End Academy Society programme. 

Karl Pearce, E-ACT DSLV Academy

For his incredible efforts in running a successful school ski trip to the US. 

Team Spirit

Andrea Rosewell, E-ACT Braintcroft Academy

For creating a positive staff culture at the academy and a ‘family feel’ for all staff members.  

Helen Rees, E-ACT Hareclive Academy

For being a fantastic acting headteacher since October and always supporting staff and pupils. 

Do the Right Thing

Owen Walters and Adele Johnson – regional safeguarding teams

For their tireless work to ensure that their academies receive a high level of support in relation to safeguarding.  

Sajia Sultana, E-ACT The Oldham Academy North

For transforming the maths faculty in terms of results, supporting students and staff. 

E-ACT Family award

Kay Hanson, E-ACT Nechells Academy

Kay celebrated 38 years of employment at the academy in April 2022 and has shown tremendous dedication to the school and trust.

Yvonne Purnell, E-ACT Ilminster Avenue Academy

For her magnificent work at the academy including charity work and organising events.  

Special recognition awards

The following academies have been recognised this year for their fantastic Ofsted reviews:

E-ACT Perry Court Academy

E-ACT Reedswood Academy

E-ACT Parker Academy

E-ACT City Heights Academy

E-ACT DSLV Academy

E-ACT Crest Academy

E-ACT Shenley Academy

Team of the Year

A very special award will be given to E-ACT The Oldham Academy North for their incredible efforts in getting the academy back up and running again after a disastrous flood in 2021.