A News story by Radhika Sharma 13 June 2022

Staff across E-ACT are entitled to training and development opportunities that benefit their career progression and experience within the trust. This ranges from NPQs and teacher training, to professional qualifications such as PRINCE2. 

We caught up with Wayne Powell, a Senior Site Facilitator for our Walsall academies, about the uptake of his recent degree and apprenticeship, alongside his work. 

Tell us about your role in facilities management   

I joined E-ACT in January 2021 and prior to that I worked as an estates manager for another multi-academy trust. My role at E-ACT currently looks after three academy sites – Willenhall, West Walsall and Reedswood. I also line manage all of the site managers on those sites and oversee everything that comes under the operations side, including catering for the three academies. 

Which professional qualifications are you currently undertaking? 

I’m currently studying for a BSc in Facilities Management at Bolton University and a Level 6 apprenticeship which will take three and a half years in total. Three years are dedicated to the degree and the final six months will focus on the assessment related to the apprenticeship. It’s a combination of distance and on site learning in Bolton, with three weeks per year spent learning at the campus. 

I will also be a member of the IWFM – the Institute of Workplace and Facilities Management, which is a great membership body for insights and networking in this sector. 

How much studying is involved in your courses?  

I have coursework that is due each term and also a 10,000 word dissertation at the end of my degree. 20% of my time at work is dedicated to studying or working on the apprenticeship. My line manager has also organised for me to shadow key members of staff and understand the decisions made at a higher level, with the aim being to help me develop into a senior leader by the end of the course.  

How did you decide that these qualifications were suitable for you? 

In my annual development review with my line manager, we discussed training opportunities and I was presented with this course as a potential opportunity. We then had meetings with Bolton University to ensure that the course was the right fit for both E-ACT and myself and took it from there.  

How are you finding studying alongside a full-time job? 

It’s challenging but also really rewarding as the themes and topics covered in the course are well suited to the education sector. For example, at the moment I’m learning about finance which I already have some experience in. Within my study group there are 17 of us who can share information and tips, so it feels like a supportive environment.  

Have you thought about how you’d like your role at E-ACT to develop after the course?  

My aim is to progress in E-ACT and stay within the organisation. E-ACT has given me an amazing opportunity to gain these qualifications and it would be nice to develop and pay some of that back with the experience I will be able to offer. 

What do you think is the best thing about working at E-ACT? 

It’s a really supportive organisation and I feel that you can always turn to someone for help. It’s such a big organisation and there’s a really good support structure. I also really like that E-ACT is committed to investing in the development of employees, which is already hugely benefiting me. 


We wish Wayne the best of luck for the remaining couple of years of his studies and his future career progression at E-ACT.