A News story by Laura Cresswell 10 July 2023

E-ACT’s National Pupil Celebration Event 2023

On 6 July 2023, E-ACT hosted its highly anticipated National Pupil Celebration Event, bringing together an extraordinary display of talent, creativity, and inspiration from across the Trust.  Adding to the excitement, the charismatic Rhys Stephenson, from CBBC and Strictly Come Dancing, served as the engaging host.

The event embodied everything that E-ACT stands for, celebrating the whole child. It was more than just a “talent show”; it aimed to showcase the diverse range of talent and achievement across the trust, and the students certainly didn’t disappoint.

The day was jam-packed with performances, but there was an extra layer of magic that is hard to describe. While the audience members were dazzled and astounded by the students’ performances, it was getting to know their stories and hearing them praise their teachers that created something truly special.

Here are a few highlights from the event:

Electrifying DJ Mix

DJ Elijah from E-ACT Parkwood Academy kicked off the event with a burst of energy and infectious beats. His seamless transitions and carefully selected tracks got the audience hyped up. When our host Rhys asked DJ Elijah what got him into mixing, his response was one of those “magical” moments. He shared that his Dad was a DJ and his teacher, Mr. Swallow, inspires him to want to be more.

DJ Elijah also opened up the second half of the show with a cleverly put-together mix of songs from ‘Oliver,’ introducing our Chair of Trustees, Lord Jim Knight, who starred in the West End production of Oliver as a child. This then bizarrely led to Lord Jim Knight and Rhys singing songs and dancing (yes, this did actually happen!)

The Power of Poetry and Music

The event featured three acts that performed thought-provoking and deeply emotional poetry performances. The poems explored a wide range of themes, including identity, resilience, and global warming. Each performance evoked a powerful response, encouraging reflection and sparking meaningful conversations among the attendees. The poets demonstrated immense courage, expressing their personal experiences and perspectives in a way that left a lasting impression.

In between the poetry acts, Mahad from E-ACT Royton & Crompton Academy mesmerized us with his piano performance, adding yet another outstanding element to the event.

Artwork and Sporting Talents


Impressive artworks were proudly displayed, amazing our audience with their creativity and skill. Our sporting students were applauded as they received their awards for their commitment and achievements in sports such as boxing, car racing, and ice skating. This recognition highlighted the dedication and passion of these talented individuals.

Super cute and super cool singers

No show would be complete if we didn’t have moments that just melted your heart. Grace from E-ACT Merritts Brook Academy sang an ‘Adele’ song – and what a voice! And of course, we had our group of Reception students from E-ACT Badock’s Wood Academy singing a sweet song from ‘Annie’.

Moving from cute to cool, we had the ‘Braintcroft B Boys’ bring down the house with their very own rap song that they wrote themselves. A special guest appearance was made by our host Rhys who did a spectacular job on the tambourine. Not only was the crowd amazed by their talent and confidence, one of those ‘magical’ moments were felt when one of the ‘B Boys’ thanked their music teacher Mr Dyke who dedicates so much time into their passion and encourages them.


Mind-boggling Rubik’s Cube Competition

For those seeking an adrenaline rush and a display of extraordinary skill, the Rubik’s Cube competition didn’t disappoint! Three students from our primary academies completed their Rubik’s Cubes in under three minutes. Owen from E-ACT Mansfield Green Academy even managed to solve two more Rubik’s Cubes within that time.

Teachers Joined in Too!

Well, when we say “joined in,” what we really mean is that Rhys selected unsuspecting teachers to take the stage for a ‘Strictly Teacher Dance Off.’ Headteachers, Mr. Kilyan from E-ACT Chalfont Academy, Mr. Arthur from E-ACT Badock’s Wood Academy, and teacher, Ms. Arnold from E-ACT Bourne End Academy were among the chosen participants. Students thoroughly enjoyed cheering and laughing as their teachers attempted to do the Charleston. It was a lighthearted and entertaining moment that added to the fun-filled atmosphere of the event.

Dramatic Finale

Our talented dance troupe from E-ACT Bourne End Academy delivered a stunning finale to the event with their captivating performance based on Harry Potter. Their impressive choreography and unity on stage were truly outstanding. Some of the students even had their prom to attend after the show, showcasing their dedication and commitment.

The National Pupil Celebration Event 2023 was an inspiring day, leaving a lasting impression on everyone in attendance. This event served as a reminder of the transformative power of education and the remarkable potential that lies within each one of our students. As we reflect on this spectacular event, let us continue to support and nurture the talents of these young individuals, empowering them to make a positive impact in their communities and beyond.

Well done to all students, you were all super stars! Thank you!