A News story by 22 December 2023


We are absolutely thrilled to have won MAT of the Year 2023 at The National School Awards. This recognition is a testament of our commitment to excellence in education and its positive impact on the destinations and outcomes of our students.

First and foremost, we want to express our gratitude to every team member for their unwavering commitment and dedication, which contribute to making E-ACT a truly exceptional trust.

Following on from the first award night, we had our second award ceremony of the week where our colleague Louise Townsend, an outstanding individual from E-ACT Parker Academy, was recognised as the Winner of the Community Champion category at the Education Today Awards. This award is a reflection of her exceptional contributions to the community, showcasing our E-ACT values and People first culture.

A big shout out to E-ACT Badocks Wood who were also shortlisted for Primary School of the Year!

Our entire E-ACT family should celebrate the well-deserved recognition received during this extraordinary week of achievements.

What a fantastic way to conclude another successful year!