A News story by 22 December 2023

E-ACT Heartlands Academy students take part in a once in a lifetime STEM session with TV’s Professor Alice Roberts

Everyone at E-ACT was delighted to hear that Heartlands Academy was chosen to host this year’s Keith Palmer lecture and that Professor Alice Roberts, who delivered the lecture, took the time to deliver a STEM session to some of our students.

As a trust we are keen that all young people who study with us are encouraged to explore their aspirations as we make sure that their outcomes allow them to realise their dreams and potential and it was great to hear that the Heartlands students took a lot away from the session.

The esteemed Professor Alice Roberts, holds the position of Professor of Public Engagement in Science at the University of Birmingham.  Professor Roberts is an accomplished anatomist, writer, and TV broadcaster, and has presented over 100 documentaries, including Time Team on Channel 4 and Coast on the BBC.


In preparation for her visit, Heartlands Academy and North Birmingham College joined forces to encourage girls to pursue careers in science and develop a love for reading.  As part of this initiative, students read Professor Roberts’ acclaimed book, Wolf Road, a prehistoric children’s novel.


The Keith Palmer Lecture Series was established to promote the public’s understanding of natural science by inviting distinguished speakers to address a diverse audience from across the Midlands.


The topic for the lecture was ‘Ancestors: A history of Britain through burials’. What can a grave tell us about a person and past lives? From the Bronze Age to the Romans and the Anglo-Saxons, Dr Roberts explored how burial archaeology sheds light on ancient societies, and showed attendees how genetics is completely revolutionising what we know about the past.