A News story by 22 December 2023

Children’s Commissioner visits E-ACT Bourne End Academy


It’s crucial that young people know their opinions matter and that decision makers listen to them.  Giving young people the opportunity to share what matters to them in the community with policy makers is really important.  At E-ACT we put student voice first.


Everyone at E-ACT is so grateful to the Children’s Commissioner, Dame Rachel de Souza, for visiting E-ACT Bourne End Academy, Dame Rachel’s visit was primarily to raise awareness about the national survey of children and young people across England called The Big Ambition.   Young people are being encouraged to complete the survey so that in the lead up to the upcoming General Election, politicians can be told what children think is important.


The Children Commissioner’s office has been following  E-ACT Bourne End Academy on X (formally Twitter) for over two years now and she chose to visit the academy to see firsthand the transformation the academy has undergone.


Dame Rachel met with student’s from KS3, KS4 and KS5 asking questions focused on what they think are the most current and important issues in their lives.  Students spoke about the need for reliable and free transport as this is currently a barrier to good attendance, access to good mental health services and with making sure that the streets are safe for all young people.


Once the survey ends, the Children’s Commissioner will convey the thoughts, opinions, and ideas of those who completed it to those in Government to ensure that they listen to the voices of young people on what they believe should be done to improve the lives of children.