A News story by 1 October 2023

We are delighted that our brand-new Podcast Opening Minds Opening Doors has now launched.  We have chosen each theme and the featured guests carefully and it will be covering a range of topics relevant to students, parents and those working in education.    

The podcast is aligned to our ‘Opening Minds, Opening Doors’ strategy, ensuring that coming from a disadvantaged background does not determine your future. We achieve this by creating the conditions where children, young people and staff can thrive.  


The first episode centred on childhood cancer awareness.  The series will also tackle other important topics such as technology and education, women in STEM, knife crime, LGBTQ+ education and the cost-of-living crisis.  


Everyone at the trust is so proud that each episode features E-ACT staff and students who share their expertise and experience.  The Podcasts have been created in collaboration with incredible charities, organisations and inspirational people and every episode has been carefully curated to highlight important and wide-ranging topics and challenges relating to the environment we live, work, and learn in. 


📻 LISTEN: openingmindsopeningdoors.co.uk or search on your favourite podcast platform  

📺 WATCH: youtube.com/@openingmindsopeningdoors 

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