A News story by 20 October 2023

It’s vital that we teach young people how to navigate the online world safely and successfully, making sure that students understand how to evaluate the trustworthiness of information presented to them is vital to their education.  


Which is why it was great that 40 Year 9 students from E-ACT Royton and Crompton Academy took part in a Parentzone ‘Be Internet Citizens’ workshop at the University Academy 92 in Old Trafford.  

Be Internet Citizens is an education programme by YouTube and aims to inspire young people to have a positive voice online.  

The students learnt about why they shouldn’t take what they read online at face value and how to work out what sources of information are trustworthy. Sessions were held on fake news and bias, as well as the difference between disinformation and misinformation.  

The students were then set the challenge of creating a piece of work to show their understanding of what they had learned. They then worked in groups to role play and create posters and raps. 

Those who attended thoroughly enjoyed the morning and commented that the teachers made it lots of fun’ and that they learnt lots about how they need to think and check what they see online is true‘.


You can read E-ACT’s online safety policy here. 

E-ACT Online Safety Policy