A News story by 2 October 2023

The first episode of our Opening Minds Opening Doors Podcast shines a light on childhood cancer awareness. The episode was timed to coincide with Childhood Cancer Awareness Month which ran for the whole of September.

This is an emotive and inspiring episode which contains candid discussions about cancer diagnoses and treatment.  

Clio Brown, National EYFS and Early Reading Advisor at E-ACT, shares her very poignant journey after being diagnosed with cancer at a young age, the non-medical challenges she faced, and the incredible support she received from charity Young Lives vs Cancer.  


The second guest is Abby Derr, a qualified Social Worker, from Young Lives vs Cancer, who talks about the issues faced by young people and their families following a diagnosis and the incredible support the charity can provide.  


The impact cancer has on the life of a child, and their family, cannot be overstated and for many it will be one of the most earth-shattering things that could happen. Clio’s story is hugely moving, and hearing from Abby about Young Lives vs Cancer’s completely life changing work means you cannot listen to this episode without feeling inspired by the strength of the human spirit. 

For support or to help fundraise for the charity, please visit:  

Young Lives vs Cancer  


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