A News story by 9 October 2023

We understand that every parent wants their child’s school years to be filled with both happy memories and achievement; and choosing the right school for them to attend feels pivotal when it comes to secondary schools.  


Unlike when they started primary school, children also now have opinions on where they continue their education. Sometimes it’s hard to know what questions to ask when attending an open day.  

A lot of parents look to Ofsted for guidance and, while their gradings are helpful, their reports only provide a judgement based on a snapshot in time, so it pays for parents and children to do a deep dive of their own into a prospective school.   


Up and down the country, parents and students are attending events designed to encourage them to pick a school before they put in their secondary school application – which brings a whole host of different emotions.  

This can be an overwhelming time, with lots of information to process, which is why this Opening Minds Opening Doors Podcast is all about what to look for when choosing a secondary school. This is a really practical, thorough guide, full of top tips that will help anyone who listens, including our academies.  

Listeners can learn all about what to look for when viewing a school from one of E-ACT’s Education Directors and former Ofsted Inspector, Niall Gallagher.  



From the National Curriculum to assemblies, a lot is the same about schools, so it pays to look at what sets a school apart and these education insiders will tell you what to look for. From a school’s vision and ethos to their pupil behaviour strategy and extracurricular offer, this episode will guide you through what you need to ask and look for when visiting schools, and how to find the right fit for your child’s needs and interests. 


We hope this episode of Opening Minds Opening Doors will help parents and their children feel confident and informed while making this life changing decision, and help our academies fully prepare for open events. 


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