A News story by 27 February 2024


A Day of Collaboration and Inspiration

On 26 February, 2024, our colleagues from across E-ACT came together for a day of professional development, collaboration, and inspiration. The day was marked by a wide range of networking events across   the country, as well as INSET days taking place at all our academies. If there is ever a day to highlight how we demonstrate our strategic priorities of people first, advocacy and inclusion and pupil destinations and outcomes – then our National INSET Day symbolised just that!


Here’s a quick roundup:


E-ACT Ideas Conferences

We hosted not one, but two E-ACT Ideas conferences, both hosted in Birmingham. Colleagues and external delegates attended an EYFS conference and just across the city, there was a Leading on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) conference.

E-ACT Ideas: Leading in EDI

Our first E-ACT Ideas: Leading on Equality, Diversity & Inclusion (EDI) conference was developed by Marcus Shepherd, Education Director. The conference featured sessions that delved into the intricacies of having difficult conversations and leading on EDI. These sessions empowered attendees with the tools and knowledge needed to cultivate more inclusive practices within their educational environments.

A particular highlight was from one of our E-ACT colleagues, Andrea Rosewell, Headteacher at E-ACT Braintcroft Academy. Andrea spoke about the importance of creating a culture that teams can thrive in. It was evident the passion that Andrea has for her academy, with her team demonstrating their strong commitment to each other in making their academy the best it can be for their pupils. Inspiring!


E-ACT Ideas: EYFS Writing Focus

Clio Brown hosted our second E-ACT Ideas Conference – EYFS Writing Focus where Early Years professionals explored innovative approaches to teaching writing. Discussions centered on creating a culture that fosters writing proficiency from a young age. Insights were shared on the importance of incorporating joy into writing experiences, understanding that it can be the differentiator between a child thriving and struggling.

Throughout the day, insightful conversations sparked meaningful dialogue around topics such as immersive narratives and adaptive teaching. The EYFS teams explored ways to ignite a passion for writing through interactive storytelling experiences, emphasizing the significance of creating environments that motivate children to engage with literacy. From the photos you will see a lot of fun was had too!

SENDco Conference

Simon Tanner, Director of SEND was thrilled to have all of our SENDCo leads together for the day. The event featured super informative sessions that aimed at enhancing support for students with special educational needs and disabilities (SEND). Beena Sisoda, Director of Safeguarding and Behaviour, led the first session, offering her expertise on improving attendance among SEND pupils through collaboration.

Rhian Warner, Primary SEND Specialist followed with insights into Adaptive Teaching strategies within the EEF 5 a day approach, focusing on enhancing SEND implementation. Simon Tanner then discussed the positive developments in integrating SEND into systems and platforms, emphasising the importance of its intrinsic integration.

During the afternoon, SENDcos engaged in reviewing their section F provisions on a provision map platform, fostering constructive discussions to ensure effective support for students.


ECT Conference

E-ACT West Walsall Academy hosted our E-ACT Early Career Teachers (ECTs), providing them with an opportunity to engage in discussions, share ideas, and develop their practices alongside experienced colleagues. This was the second full day conference in year one of the programme, focused on instruction and deepening understanding of how pupils learn, the principles of adaptive teaching, and effective implementation. We are thrilled that you were all able to get together and share your experiences with each other!

Subject networks and more!

The day wasn’t limited to these main events, colleagues participated in various sessions and networking opportunities such as: English network, Geography network, and local academy INSET day programmes. By bringing together subject matter experts from across the country, peer to peer learning has allowed expertise to be shared from Sheffield to Bristol and Manchester to London.

E-ACT’s National INSET Day was a testament to the commitment of our staff towards continuous improvement and excellence in teaching. By coming together, sharing experiences, and engaging in thought-provoking discussions, E-ACT colleagues reaffirmed their dedication to creating enriching learning environments where every child can thrive.


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