A News story by 23 February 2024

In the dynamic setting of early years education, the journey towards becoming a skilled writer begins right at the beginning. At E-ACT, we recognise the importance these early years hold in shaping childrens’ perceptions and skills in writing. We emphasise the importance of supporting children in their earliest years to develop positive self-views as writers, nurture an interest in the purpose of writing, and foster an understanding of writing as a powerful tool for communication. 


To prepare our EYFS children for writing, we focus on three fundamental aspects: 

1. Enhancing children’s communication skills through hands-on experiences, conversations, storytelling, and song.

2. Recognising the importance of gross and fine motor skills in precise co-ordination for writing.  

3. Striving to spark interest and love for writing, viewing it not just as a technical skill but as a form of communication.   


Our commitment to fostering a conducive environment for writing is evident in the dedicated writing areas both indoors and outdoors. By immersing children in a writing-rich environment where opportunities for writing are seamlessly integrated into every aspect of learning we are fostering a love and passion for writing. 

These areas are designed to be attractive, engaging, and equipped with a variety of resources to facilitate the development of fine motor control, pencil grip, and letter formation. Furthermore, these environments serve as language-rich spaces, reflecting our high expectations for children and inspiring them to reach their full potential. 

The Evidence  

Evidence of writing in EYFS is documented in writing books, striking a balance between adult-initiated and child-initiated activities. These books not only prepare children for Year 1 but also include parental voices, ensuring that each child’s journey is celebrated and reflected upon.  


Working together on these ideas and practices is extremely important, and having this chance to collaborate with EYFS professionals across the country is invaluable. We’re thrilled about the upcoming E-ACT Ideas Conference, focusing on EYFS writing. Taking the lead is Clio Brown, E-ACT’s Director of EYFS. With her rich experience and dedication to nurturing young learners, Clio shared: 

‘‘The day is nearly upon us, and I am so thrilled to get together with up 100 educators nationally, who are just as excited about Early Years as I am. A day of coming together and recognising the vital role Early Years plays in a child’s life. Along with our distinguished speakers, we will look at engagement and joy, and the massive impact this can have on a child’s writing and future prospects.’’

What’s our why?

“Why? Why do we do all of this?” It’s a question that resonates deeply within the ethos of E-ACT’s approach to EYFS education. We understand that the foundation of strong writing skills is laid early, shaping not only how children express themselves but also how they perceive the world around them. We believe in instilling a sense of purpose and passion for writing from the outset, emphasising its role as a powerful tool for communication and self-expression.

From fostering communication skills through immersive experiences to creating inviting environments rich in writing opportunities, we strive to cultivate a love for writing that transcends mere technicality. We recognise the importance of collaboration, bringing together educators from across the country to exchange ideas and best practices. Through initiatives like the E-ACT Ideas Conference, led by Clio Brown, we aim to underscore the critical role of early years education in shaping a child’s future.

Ultimately, our goal is clear: to empower young learners to become confident, proficient writers who embrace writing as both a skill and a joy.