A News story by 19 January 2024

Parent Volunteers Making a Difference at E-ACT Perry Court Academy.

Showcasing the essence of team spirit, Jess Filer, Lucy Painter, and Katie Mockridge, parents of students at E-ACT Perry Court Academy, have gone above and beyond to make a significant impact on the children attending the academy. Their dedication to volunteer work has not only raised funds but has improved behaviour and emphasised values such a responsibility.

The pastoral team at E-ACT Perry Court Academy had noticed that lots of children were hungry in the morning, and this was impacting on behaviour and learning. The trio, alongside Mrs. Tape Thrive Practitioner, took the initiative to run a school tuck shop during break times.  Since they began, their efforts have resulted in an impressive fundraising total of over £7,000, proving to be an invaluable asset to the school.

Ms. Marsh, Head of school, shared, “Behaviour incidents have reduced; children are more focused in class to learn; money skills have increased – and the toast smells delicious down the corridors! The positive response was overwhelming, with the involvement of children with SEMH needs, emphasising values like responsibility, teamwork, and a sense of belonging.”

In line with our people first culture priority, these dedicated volunteers are demonstrating the importance of how small changes can make a big impact!

During December, Jess, Lucy, and Katie continued their remarkable efforts by providing gifts for all the children, organising a festive grotto and an entire school pantomime experience. Their selfless actions demonstrates the depth of their care and dedication.

Beyond fundraising, the impact of their volunteer work extends to the wider community, as they initiated a playgroup in the school’s hub. Looking forward, the exceptional team is currently in the process of organising a summer fete, a day filled with fun, games, and community spirit. 

Jess, Lucy, and Katie epitomise the PERRY values. Their tireless efforts, from operating the tuck shop to organising fundraisers and running a play group, have not only been an asset to the academy but also the wider community.