Who are E-ACT?


E-ACT is a leading, independent academy sponsor who manages, maintains and develops academies.

E-ACT sponsors 24 state-funded academies.

E-ACT academies are governed by their Regional Education and Regional Operations Directors supported by a team of system leaders who are experts in matters relating to safeguarding, SEND, behaviour and data. Our academies are also advised by their Ambassadorial Advisory Groups whose membership encompasses parents and members of the academy’s local community.

E-ACT’s key objectives for every academy and student are:

  • High attainment and high achievement.
  • Improved social mobility and inclusion.
  • Strong employability.

We know that the better educated and more highly-skilled young people are, the better their life chances are to succeed in today’s globalised world.

For E-ACT students this means:

  • Providing you with a combination of academic and vocational skills to suit your needs and ambitions.
  • Helping you achieve the highest possible standards of educational attainment and behaviour.
  • Developing your personal skills, social attributes, and emotional intelligence so you can succeed in a globalised world.
  • Giving you access to innovative e-learning experiences that will enhance your employability prospects.
  • Offering you an inspiring all round educational experience that will give you better life chances.

For E-ACT academies, principals, teachers, support staff and governors this means:

  • Encouraging you to adopt an approach of earned autonomy, enabling you and your school to share in the support and challenge of the collective E-ACT group combined with the freedom to develop your individual ethos suited to the needs of your community.
  • Providing you with outstanding professional development, leadership and career opportunities.