E-ACT’s educational network is considerable. With such scope comes the requirement for robust structure and process.


E-ACT is a charitable company limited by guarantee. Our primary regulator is the Department for Education, and our charitable objects are set out in our Articles of Association.

For further information on how E-ACT is funded by the Education and Skills Funding Agency (ESFA), please refer to our Master Funding Agreement which contains the supplemental funding agreements for our academies.

How E-ACT is governed

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Meet our Trustees and Members

Our Members are the guardians of the Trust and hold the Trust Board to account for the effective governance and purpose of the Trust.

Led by the Chair of the Board of Trustees Lord Jim Knight, the board is comprised of 8 independent volunteers chosen for their expertise and experience gained in a diverse range of industries in both the private and public sectors. In addition, E-ACT’s board also includes the Chief Executive who is an ex officio Trustee.

We also have six Members who hold the Trust Board to account for the effective Governance of the Trust. Our Members are essential to the integrity of our governance structure

Our Trustees work together to fulfil the purpose of the Trust Board:

  • strategic leadership – defining the vision, fostering the trust’s culture and setting the strategy
  • accountability and assurance – robust and effective oversight of trust operations and performance
  • engagement – strategic oversight of relationships with stakeholders, ensuring decision-making is supported by meaningful engagement

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E-ACT Declaration of Interests 2023 – 2024 

E-ACT Scheme of Delegation 2023-2024


Dr Leila Khouja Walker
Dr Leila Khouja Walker

Dr Leila Khouja Walker has worked across the education sector for the past 30 years. From her early days of working as a science teacher and senior leader in schools across Bristol and London before moving on to set up high profile global programs – Generation Global and later the iDEA award. 

These days, Leila is the Co-Founder of Persona Education, a company on a mission to boost the wellbeing and employability of young people through developing social-emotional skills. She is also a Senior Lecturer in Education and Childhood at the University of the West of England. As a teacher educator and researcher – Leila is currently reviewing Initial Teacher Education provision and the extent to which it is supporting both teachers and their students to develop the skills required for wellbeing and employability.  

In addition, Leila is an Advisor to the Foundation for Education Development, supporting their mission for long-term strategic planning in Education.   

Meet our Executive Leadership Team

The Board of Trustees is supported by the Executive Leadership Team.

Led by Chief Executive Tom Campbell, the Executive Leadership Team is responsible for overseeing the implementation and delivery of organisational strategy as set by the Board of Trustees.

Our wider leadership team

We are incredibly proud of our hardworking and diverse leadership team, spanning across both education and operational staff.

Our Headteachers

We’re delighted to work with an inspiring set of Headteachers for each of our 29 academies across England.

Our support network

Our 28 academies are supported by a team of professionals with expertise in their own sectors.

Our support network spans across the trust to give all of our academies the support they need to deliver exceptional education.

Tailored expertise is given to our academies from colleagues in functions such as:

  • Governance and Compliance
  • Finance and Procurement
  • Estates and Facilities
  • Marketing and Communications
  • Human Resources

Trust-wide policies

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Our policies

Our E-ACT Ambassadors

Our academies are represented by teams of E-ACT Ambassadors.

Our ambassador teams are made up of parents and community members who share a great passion for supporting and working with their academies.

‘As a working parent, being an academy ambassador is my way of giving back.’

Karen Hayns, Chair of E-ACT Ambassadors, Bourne End E-ACT Academy

Led by a chairperson, each team of E-ACT Ambassadors meets a minimum of once per term and has at least two parent ambassadors. The ambassadors work closely with headteachers and are supported by our education directors and trustees.

The role of the ambassadors is to collaborate and communicate with the local community and to celebrate our pupils’ achievements and the work of our academies.

E-ACT Ambassador Charter

Freedom of Information Act Requests

E-ACT is committed to openness and transparency under the Freedom of Information Act. Click the button below to find out more.